Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mirabilia Sweet Pea & Model Stitching

This is Sweet Pea, stitched on another of Emma's Fabbies. She took around 5 days to stitch but the beading took me three days on top as I had a flare up over the weekend. She stitched using the recommended DMC and Caron Waterlilies floss with Kreinik and Mill Hill also. I did swap out one of the MH Magnifica beads for a colour similar to her skirt as the recommended ones looked awful to me.

This is a copy of Manga in Cross Stitch by Helen McCarthy. I did some model stitching for this book last year (see below for the pics of my name and my work). Im not into Manga myself but know a few people that are, from what Ive seen this book is awesome as it combines the 2 hobbies. The charts are on a cd rom rather than in the book which is so different to normal XS books. If you can check this book out its worth it in my mind. Retails at most online book sites ie Amazon etc.


karen said...

HI Laura !!! is really amazing !! and the colors are so lovely !! beautiful , beautiful... as all your works !!!

please contact me , and check my last mail !


Anonymous said...

smoking needles Laura, how did you manage another of these beauties in such a short time?? Oh another one I just have to add to my wish list, I wish you would stop enabling me.
Another great choice of fabby, super!!!

Ginny said...

Hi Laura. I just found your site through Stitches N Things. Your work is beautiful. I am amazed at how quickly you can get projects done! I have been thinking about doing the Mirabilia flowers, I think you have me sold. Are they small enough to put them all on a afghan? Also, what is the frog, Barbara Ana that you stitched up? I love the frogs on it.

Laura said...

Hi Ginny, Thank you
I wouldnt say theyd fit on an afghan theyre about 8x10 on average even doing them 1x1 i think theyd be too big. you could always do them on individual pieces and quilt them together after to make a throw.

karen said...

HI Laura ,

Are you stitching mirabilia enchanted mermaid , and bluebell pixie yet ? in which colors of fabrics ? Emmas fabrics I supposse !!! ( are really nice )

And do you like the new chart from Nora corbett ? ( shakespears fairies ) ?

Nice Day !

Chiloe said...

Beautiful, I'm almost done with mine ...(will put a pic tomorrow ) but I'm missing my waterlilly ;-)

I wish you'll put a better picture of Pansy: she's next for me !!!