Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mirabilia Mediterranean Mermaid

Stitched on 16# Stormy Night from Enchanted Fabrics.
She's stitched with DMC and the recommended Mill Hill and Kreiniks. Took about 3 days to stitch her and a week for all the bloody beads, seriously if you do this wear a thimble or better yet get someone else to so the beads theres thousands of em!!!


Ginny said...

She's beautiful! I recently bought this pattern and the bead pack, but I am afraid it will probably be years before I get to it. And I plan on hanging her horitontally as you did. I like her much better that way. Great job. And only 3 days to stitch! Impressive.

Laura said...

TY Ginny. :)

karen said...

HI my dear laura !
I hope you get well !! please check again allll my mails , because I need your help well an advice ..lol

Oh ! and I really want to see your new project stitching !!


karen said...

Hello !!!

I hope you are ok !! please check my mails