Thursday, 1 March 2012

Yiotas-XStitch. com

Something a little bit different for this post. I have been asked if I would like to receive a cross stitch kit to review so I said yes. There are a beautiful range of cross stitch kits at  Yiotas and I chose the Donkey pair as my mum fell in love with them. The chart is large and very clear the instructions are some of the clearest I've read to date. The threads in this kit are Madeira, I'm usually a die hard always swap to DMC fan but I'm going to use these as they feel gorgeous. It will be my next project after I finish Kaleidoscope. If you're looking for a new project or just want to buy have a look at the cross stitch kits from they also do cross stitch charts as well.

In other news my beloved netbook "Lappy" has died, yes He's buggered off to laptop heaven with no warning for me so I'm using my mum and dads huge lappy for the moment but hopefully I'll have another soonish. So the update may be few and far between however I should be a ble to make a hugggge dint in my wip pile.


Anonymous said...


Just blog hopping and found your blog.

Your kit to review looks lovely!

irishcream06 said...

I have awarded you the liebster blog award, check my blog for more details.